Corporate Profile

C.J. Brown Energy, P.C. provides and operates full service energy programs that include the development, coordination and execution of complete energy conservation cost reduction programs tailored for client needs. Our programs include preliminary collection of information through site visits, data analysis, improvement recommendations, implementation plans, project scheduling, and coordination with state and utility programs. They also encompass energy studies, report generation, technical training, information dissemination, promotional services, and seminar presentations.

C.J. Brown Energy is highly experienced in providing services for new construction, renovation and retrofit projects. Our energy specialists have studied over 100 million square feet of facility space, and they have extensive expertise in HVAC, lighting, electrical, refrigeration, cooling, building envelope, and indoor air systems. Our projects have included assessments of:

Commercial Buildings
• Colleges and Universities

• K-12 Schools

• Hospitals

• Nursing Homes

• Municipal Facilities

• Central Plants

Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Processing Plants

In addition to our specialization in energy utilization and conservation, C.J. Brown Energy also provides complete services in building commissioning/retrocommissioning and in engineering design:
• For new buildings and major renovations, our commissioning services ensure that systems and equipment operate at peak performance and meet the design intent. For existing buildings, our retrocommissioning services improve energy efficiency and optimize the building's O&M.
• Our consulting engineering services include mechanical, electrical and plumbing design as well as construction administration.

C.J. Brown Energy brings unique strengths to our clients and to assigned projects:
• We are skilled at developing new construction and renovation projects that ensure energy reduction and conservation consistent with the client's investment payback and design objectives and consistent with sound engineering practice, safety and productivity.
• Our personnel supply clients with a clear understanding of their energy profile and energy utilization needs. Our clients receive the facilities they need to be profitable and competitive and that also effectively respond to environmental, conservation, safety, health and productivity requirements.
• Initial stages of a project prior to design development are critical to a project's success. Our experienced practical engineering and planning assure that critical issues are addressed. At the same time, we apply our high level knowledge of cutting edge energy conservation technology to help ensure that approaches with the greatest energy saving potential are explored and implemented when appropriate.
• Successful projects are a team effort. C.J. Brown Energy is committed to fulfilling our responsibilities in a professional, timely, and reliable manner and to facilitating the efforts of all parties involved.


C.J. Brown Energy, P.C.
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