Our Services

Energy Engineering Studies, Audits and Feasibility Analysis
• Life Cycle and Operation Cost Assessment
• Lighting Systems Evaluation
• HVAC Studies and Evaluation
• Refrigeration and Cooling Systems
• Motors & Systems Analysis
• End Use Analysis
• Building Envelope Analysis
• Boiler Surveys
• Indoor Air/Ventilation System Analysis
• Cogeneration & Self-generation Studies and Feasibility
• State Energy Sales Tax Exemption Surveys

Energy Conservation Professional Design Engineering Services
• Detailed Design Documentation for Energy Conservation Measures
• Bid Specifications for Energy Conservation Measures
• Contractor Bid Analysis and Reporting

Project Management and Coordination
• Energy Conservation Measures Implementation Assistance
• Performance Specifications
• Project Scheduling
• Bid Cost and Performance Evaluation
• Construction Phase Assistance (Inspections/Reports)

Building Commissioning/Retrocommissioning
• Evaluation of Facility's and Owner's Requirements
• Develoment of Commissioning Specifications
• Review of All Phases of Design and Construction
• Development and Execution of Testing Plan
• Management and Verification of System Start-up Scheduling and Procedures
• Assessment and Verification of System Performance to Contract/Project Documents

Industrial Process Energy Evaluation
• Steam Distribution Studies
• Heat Source/Heat Sink Inventories
• Industrial Process Plant-Pinch Point Analysis
• Computerized Process Simulation
• Cogeneration Studies and Feasibility

Demand Side Management
• Load Analysis
• Monitoring and Measurement

Energy Management Systems
• Existing System Evaluation
• New System Concept Development
• Performance Specifications

Energy Procurement Assistance
• Natural Gas Procurement
• Electric Procurement
• Primary Power/Secondary Power Analysis
• Utility Rate Schedule/Billing Analysis
• Bypass Applications
• Power for Jobs

Electrical Engineering
• Lighting
• Technology, Communication and Data Systems
• Power Distribution
• Load Studies
• Substations and Distribution
• Controls and Instrumentation

Mechanical Engineering
• Plumbing
• Fire Protection

Process Engineering
• Process Simulation
• Air Emissions Control
• Process Energy Analysis
• Chemical Reaction Engineering
• Heat Reclamation and Recovery
• Process Separations Technologies

Construction Cost Estimating

Energy Service Company Support

Energy Conservation Projects Financial Procurement

Environmental Compliance Planning, Development and Implementation


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