Conservation Incentive Program

The Conservation Incentive Program offers non-residential customers in the Western New York service area several money-saving rebates for installing new energy-efficient equipment and appliances, no matter how much gas is used. By combining rebates with projected annual savings for using more energy-efficient equipment, new high-efficiency appliances can quickly pay for themselves. New construction projects are eligible for rebates, too!

There are two ways to save:

1. Fixed (Pre-qualified) Rebate — Available on pre-qualified equipment.

2. Customized (Performance-Based) Rebate — Determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the results of an energy-use analysis.

C.J. Brown Energy provides free technical assistance with the application process, as well as facility walk-through and return on investment calculations. Contact us at 1-844-365-3493 or email or visit National Fuel’s website for more information and program details.

AND If your company specifies or installs natural gas equipment – why leave incentive money on the table?

Help your customers and project budgets by taking advantage of the Conservation Incentive Program. We’re happy to talk with mechanical contractors, architects, engineers, developers, manufacturer’s reps, and others to show you how the Conservation Incentive Program is good for your business, too. Call us at 716-565-9190 or email to find out more.