K-12 Schools

C.J. Brown Energy can help save energy, reduce O&M costs, and create a better learning environment at your K-12 school. We provide individual building and district-wide solutions that have a short-term impact and can generate the greatest savings over the long term.

Our commissioning process can significantly improve the quality of a construction project, reduce the overall construction budget, and get the building turned over on time and functionally operating. Additionally, our commissioning services are designed to meet code requirements for capital improvement projects.

As budgets tighten and pressure mounts for K-12 school administrators to deliver innovative, cost-cutting strategies, school districts are increasingly turning to energy performance contracts in parallel with their capital projects to address needed building upgrades. C.J. Brown Energy can assist you in identifying and developing projects that have zero taxpayer impact and pay for all costs out of future, guaranteed energy savings.

Featured Projects