Energy Services

From single system energy assessments to long-term energy cost reduction and conservation programs: C.J. Brown Energy provides a comprehensive array of services that are custom tailored to client needs.

Energy studies are one of C.J. Brown Energy’s particular strengths. Our expertise in performing walk-through, preliminary, detailed and investment-grade energy audits has been developed through thousands of energy evaluations and studies.

C.J. Brown Energy’s methodology provides the appropriate level of project detail consistent with facility usage, size, equipment, systems, complexities and potential energy conservation measures. Our reports assist in making informed decisions about implementing energy efficiency improvements and are written to be easily understandable by non-technical personnel.

To document and justify proposed energy savings, C.J. Brown Energy has developed an extensive library of energy conservation calculations/spreadsheets based on ASHRAE standards and accepted engineering practices. We are also skilled in the use of various modeling software and energy analysis tools.

  • Energy master plans
  • Benchmarking
  • ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3 energy audits
  • Life cycle and operating cost assessments
  • Cogeneration and self-generation studies
  • Renewable energy systems(solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels)
  • Agricultural energy studies
  • Industrial process energy evaluations
  • New York State energy sales tax exemption surveys
  • EPAct certification
  • NYPA ReCharge NY energy audits
  • Peak load reduction studies
  • Operate investor-owned utility programs
  • Utility incentive program technical assistance
  • Lighting systems evaluations
  • HVAC studies and evaluations
  • Refrigeration and cooling systems
  • Motors and systems analysis
  • End use analysis
  • Building envelope testing
  • Boiler surveys
  • Central plant analysis
  • Indoor air/ventilation system analysis

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