Partnership for Urban Revitalization in Western New York (“PUR-WNY”)

PUR-WNY assists in the revitalization of residential households, and neighborhoods with vacant lots, or vacant homes where utility infrastructure is already in place, with an emphasis on urban locales. The program helps to buy down the initial capital costs of gas space heating and water heating appliances, any internal gas house lines, and main and service lines. The focus is on new construction or rehabilitation of vacant homes with no connected gas service for over a year. Program requirements include requiring the home building envelope to be very energy efficient and the home to have gas appliances, minimally for space heating and water heating.

C.J. Brown Energy provides free assistance with the application process and project eligibility, site inspections (pre- and post-construction), and project documentation to verify compliance with program requirements as required for receipt of grant funds.  Contact us at 1-844-365-3493 or email for more information and program details.