Program Funding

C.J. Brown Energy helps clients reduce project costs by taking full advantage of programs, services and incentives for which a project may be eligible.

Our team is knowledgeable about programs across the northeast that are offered by investor-owned utilities, state and local agencies, and other sources. We evaluate and plan all projects to access funding from a wide range of resources to offset and buy down project costs. We stay current on new funding opportunities and ensure that projects are structured to meet program criteria. Our team assists clients in managing the documentation required for program application and receipt of funding.

C.J. Brown Energy has provided program development and implementation services for utilities and state agencies for over 25 years. We have established and maintain excellent working relationships that facilitate program access for our clients. In addition, our repeat contracts and new awards demonstrate our understanding of and ability to fulfill programmatic and technical requirements such as project eligibility, scopes of work and reporting.

Contact us to learn about funding opportunities that may be available for your project!