Sustainability, LEED & Green Design

C.J. Brown Energy collaborates with building owners and the design team to identify, design and implement energy efficient system options to achieve sustainability objectives and energy reduction targets.

Our approach to sustainable design grows out of traditional engineering services combined with our extensive knowledge of energy technologies. Our goal is to identify potential high-performance design approaches, help the design team make cost-effective choices, and properly implement the selected strategies to deliver a successful project. We have particular strengths in energy modeling and analysis for both whole buildings and individual systems, including deep energy savings and net-zero energy projects.

We are actively involved in the LEED design, evaluation and documentation preparation, and we have served as team lead for various Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, and Indoor Environmental Quality credits. Our work also includes completing and posting files to support the application/certification process. In addition, through our knowledge of Enterprise Green Communities (EGC) standards, we have collaborated to integrate environmentally responsive building practices into the design and construction of affordable housing projects.

C.J. Brown Energy’s technical expertise can help you determine if a renewable energy system such as solar, wind, geothermal or cogeneration is a viable choice for your facility and location. We work closely with you to identify and understand your project goals,

generation requirements and site limitations. Based on your unique needs and the potential available renewable resources, we help you formulate and develop a project scope that maximizes your financial return and sustainable impact.

  • Evaluate concepts and systems for energy efficiency and LEED/EGC credit eligibility/compliance
  • LEED/EGC charrettes, project administration, facilitation and documentation to support the registration and certification process
  • Develop written owner objectives and performance criteria
  • Building energy modeling and analysis including deep energy savings, zero net energy and life cycle cost
  • Commissioning and installation verification for LEED/EGC requirements
  • NYSERDA New Construction Program project and technical support services
  • Compliance with and eligibility for the NYS Green Building Tax Credit
  • MEP design services
  • Renewable energy projects
    • Historical facility energy use and load profiles
    • Technologies, equipment options, configurations and locations
    • Modeling of generating capacity to serve facility loads.
    • Energy market and project financial analysis
    • Regulatory, permitting and environmental requirements
    • Conceptual design, equipment specifications and estimates
    • Incentives and tax credits

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