C.J. Brown Energy assists farms and on-farm producers in adopting energy-efficient technologies and management practices that reduce production costs and minimize negative environmental impacts while improving economic sustainability. We have provided services in a wide variety of agricultural sectors including dairy, equine, poultry/egg, orchards, vegetables, vineyards, grain dryers and greenhouse/nursery operations. This work is supported by our extensive experience in evaluating and applying energy efficiency technologies (i.e. refrigeration, lighting, ventilation and motors) in the commercial sector.

We perform an analysis of a producer’s infrastructure, field operations and energy use to uncover inefficiencies and provide recommendations to reduce energy consumption. This includes purchased fuels, electricity and renewable energy sources used to perform farm activities. We develop a plan specific to the agricultural enterprise, such as a livestock production system, a field crop system, and specialized non-livestock operations such as greenhouses and cold storage.

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