Green Jobs Green New York Energy Studies

C.J. Brown Energy performs energy studies for small businesses and not-for-profits in Western New York, the Rochester/Genesee Region and the Southern Tier through the NYSERDA Green Jobs Green New York Energy Studies program.

Small businesses with 100 or fewer Full-Time Equivalent Employees (FTEs) company-wide or not-for-profit organizations of any size are eligible to receive an energy study at no cost. Previously the customer’s cost-share ranged from $100 to $500 per building based on the number of FTEs.  NYSERDA is waiving the fee for a limited time!

By identifying and implementing energy conservation measures, you can improve your building’s energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs. We also identify potential utility incentives and low-cost financing options to help offset the cost of improvements.

The Green Jobs Green New York energy study evaluates your building’s lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, building envelope, domestic hot water, controls, motors, and cooling/refrigeration (as applicable). You receive a report that focuses on measures that are cost-effective to implement and provides valuable information to help you make informed energy decisions.

NOTE: A small business or not-for-profit that had a prior NYSERDA energy study is eligible for the program if their study was performed at least three years ago. This is a great opportunity to obtain updated information at no cost to you!

For more information call 1-888-338-0089 or email