Performance Contract Implementation Assistance

C.J. Brown Energy provides owner representation services that help clients receive the maximum benefits from an energy performance contract (EPC) while minimizing risk.

Our personnel have many years of ESCO-side performance contract experience and thus are very familiar with the inherent risks in performance contracts.This enables us to effectively represent the best interests of the client and to deliver the best possible projects.

We can assist clients with all planning, management and administrative aspects of an EPC project. We are particularly skilled in the implementation of performance contracts for public housing authorities (including fulfilling all HUD rules and regulations), municipalities and school districts. Our EPC consulting work, completed in conjunction with HUD’s Buffalo Field Office, resulted in procedures and documentation that have been promoted by HUD for use by public housing authorities nationwide.

Through our energy engineering expertise, we are skilled in evaluating the accuracy of the energy savings and financial assumptions in the detailed/investment-grade energy audit, including the stability and accuracy of utility rates calculated for the project. We are highly knowledgeable in energy cash flow projections, financing options and financing strategies and work to ensure that the project is negotiated for the most advantageous financing arrangement for the client.

  • Utility rate analysis, utility accounting, benchmarking and allowance studies
  • Preparation of Energy Services Company (ESCO) Requests for Proposal
  • Review of ESCO responses and conduct ESCO interviews
  • Develop the scope of work for the detailed energy audit conducted by the selected ESCO
  • Review of the detailed/investment-grade energy audit
  • Savings/guarantee methods analysis
  • Review of the proposed energy performance contract
  • Energy conservation measures analysis
  • Review of Measurement and Verification (M&V) methodology
  • Project cash flow analysis
  • Conflict resolution/negotiation of contract terms and conditions
  • Construction administration/project inspection to document and verify installation
  • Review maintenance contracts for installed equipment
  • Review of ESCO’s annual post-installation energy savings/M&V reports during the guarantee period

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