P-12 Clean Green Schools Initiative

Existing public-school buildings across NYS designated as High-Needs by the New York State Education Department or located in a disadvantaged community are eligible to receive up to 100% funding through NYSERDA’s Clean Green Schools Initiative. Funding can be used to help schools improve environmental sustainability by reducing energy loads, decarbonizing their building portfolio, improving indoor air quality (IAQ), and providing clean energy educational opportunities. 

The program has two parts:

Track I – Planning: This track will provide funding on an open enrollment basis, first come first served, to support a variety of professional services which will help schools evaluate, plan for, and facilitate energy reduction projects, clean energy projects, and indoor air quality projects.

Track II – Implementation: This track will provide funding on a competitive basis to implement construction projects which will help schools decarbonize their buildings, leading to improved air quality, reduced emissions, and a pathway towards electrification.

Track I Funding Caps

NYSERDA Clean Green School Initiative Track I Funding Caps

Schools are able to combine NYSERDA funding with incentives from local utility companies. Our team can help identify and utilize additional incentive opportunities!

Clean Green Schools Initiative Track I Potential Activities

C.J. Brown Energy is a NYSERDA approved FlexTech Consultant and can assist with a number of activities under Track I. These can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Energy Benchmarking
  • Energy Studies
  • Clean Heating and Cooling Technology Studies (new and existing systems)
  • Energy Efficiency and Clean Heating and Cooling Design Services
  • On-Site Energy Manager
  • Energy Master Planning and Decarbonization Roadmaps
  • Energy Performance Contracting Support
  • Community Presentations
  • Community Solar and Clean Energy Purchasing
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluation and Management
    • Baselining
    • Retrocommissioning
    • Continuous Monitoring
    • IAQ Certification Program Participation

For more information, visit the NYSERDA website or complete a Track I Application