Commissioning & Retrocommissioning

C.J. Brown Energy’s commissioning technical expertise and professional experience helps deliver a properly operating facility at building turnover. Our goal is to meet all the client’s needs.

Our team has provided services on over 200 projects. We have worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from educational facilities to historical buildings and government facilities. Our specialists are well versed on working on new construction projects as well as renovations.

We develop and execute a commissioning process that provides clearly defined expectations for facility performance. C.J. Brown Energy’s team verifies that systems and equipment are installed and functionally tested to operate in conformance with the Owner’s Project Requirements, Basis of Design and project specifications. 

Our team can provide commissioning services from design through warranty. Additionally, our process is structured to meet the requirements of the USGBC’s LEED Green Building Rating System and/or other standards that may apply.

As an independent third-party commissioning consultant, we are an effective advocate for the owner. We represent their best interests at all times through our communication abilities, professionalism, and leadership facilitate a smoothly functioning team of stakeholders working to achieve the shared goal of delivering a high-performance building.

Our services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Fulfill commissioning for LEED, New York State Energy Code, New York State Education Department, and other directives/criteria
  • Evaluate facility’s and owner’s requirements
  • Develop commissioning specifications
  • Review all phases of design and construction
  • Develop and issue project-specific prefunctional checklists and functional tests
  • Develop and coordinate execution of testing plan
  • Assess and verify system performance to contract/project documents
  • Work with contractors to correct deficiencies and non-conformance
  • Verify that the owner’s operating staff is properly trained
  • Provide complete commissioning project deliverables
  • Retrocommissioning to identify O&M, low cost and no cost improvements
  • Re-commissioning to maintain proper operating conditions

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