Hartford Housing Authority Energy Performance Contract Consulting

The Housing Authority of the City of Hartford (HACH) in Connecticut had selected an energy services company (ESCO) to implement facility improvement measures under an energy performance contract. C.J. Brown Energy was selected by the HACH to manage and oversee the ESCO and the implementation of the EPC. The project encompassed 12 developments and scattered sites and totaling over 860 units.

C.J. Brown Energy reviewed the calculations and measures proposed by the ESCO; conducted site visits to verify the existing conditions; provided advice to the HACH as to the measures proposed to be implemented and the total proposed contract value; and reviewed the investment-grade audit.

The HACH subsequently decided not to continue the EPC project with the ESCO. Instead, the HACH will self-implement the EPC project, with the assistance of C.J. Brown Energy and Eversource, a Connecticut electric utility. To reduce and buy down project costs, the project is being developed to utilize weatherization/direct install program services, utility incentives, rate reductions, and the possible integration of photovoltaic along with power purchase agreements. 

C.J. Brown Energy is leading the investment grade audit process and is also ensuring that the project meets HUD EPC requirements.