NYPA ReCharge NY Energy Efficiency Audits

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) requires that facilities receiving low-cost power through its ReCharge New York (RNY) Program obtain an Energy Efficiency Audit (EEA) at least once during a five-year term of a facility receiving RNY power.

The EEA report includes:

• Energy Use Intensity (EUI) Score: EUI expresses the energy consumed by a typical building as a function of the building’s size. EUI is commonly measured in thousands of Btu (kBtu) per gross square foot of building area. Manufacturing facilities will use a different type of EUI.

• Low-Cost/No-Cost Measures: Include the cost of the measure, the projected annual cost savings, and the simple payback period of each measure.

• Energy Improvement Projects: List of potential capital improvement projects for improving energy efficiency. Recommended ECMs are described with a one-page description, which includes a description of the existing equipment and the recommended equipment to be installed.

• Energy Project Assessment: For each Energy Improvement Project provide an initial financial evaluation of potential costs and savings of each project. The financial evaluation includes the cost of the project, projected annual cost savings, and the simple payback period.

• C.J. Brown Energy has completed energy efficiency audits for NYPA RNY recipients in the apparel, food and dairy, specialty metals, machined components, and precision equipment manufacturing industries.