Monroe NewPower Cogeneration Assessments

Monroe NewPower Corporation (MNP) is a not-for-profit local development corporation that owns and operates the Monroe Community College and Iola Plant cogeneration facilities on East Henrietta Road in Rochester. They replaced an aging coal burning facility and provide steam and electricity to Monroe Community College, Monroe Community Hospital and other Monroe County facilities.

C.J. Brown Energy completed three assessments of the two cogen plants. The Phase 1 analysis had several objectives:

  • Determine if it was more cost effective to operate the plants vs. purchasing retail gas and electricity.
  • Evaluate the best way to use electricity and waste heat (steam and hot water) based on the end user’s needs.
  • Determine possible energy savings from energy conservation measures and calculate their implementation cost and future benefits to support the cogen’s economic attractiveness.

The Phase 2 study was completed to evaluate the continued economic viability of the Iola CHP plant based on the removal of two buildings for which the plant provided electricity along with other considerations. The Phase 3 study was completed to determine the present net cost of energy produced at each plant. Recommendations were provided regarding electric and natural gas commodity procurement; CHP plant operation vs. boiler‐only operation; and future engine generator maintenance.

The Phase 1 and 2 studies were completed with cost-shared funding under the NYSERDA FlexTech Program.