Big Heart Pet Brands Buffalo Milk Bone Bakery Energy Study

The Buffalo Milk Bone Bakery produces baked biscuits and chewable treats for dogs. The 550,000 sf facility consists of the seven story “Bone Building” that was constructed in 1908 and houses manufacturing operations; and the ”Bread Building” that functions as storage for equipment and raw material.

C.J. Brown Energy performed an energy assessment of the facilities to determine the portion of electricity consumption that is required for production versus non-production end uses. The study also included an evaluation of boiler performance and exterior lighting improvements. Recommended measures included:

  • Install new burners and controls on the two existing boilers
  • Install variable speed drives on the boiler burner blower motors
  • Install variable speed drive controls on the boiler feed water pumps
  • Replace exterior lighting with LED lighting fixtures
  • Replace interior high pressure sodium fixtures with LED lighting fixtures

The project was completed with cost-shared funding under the NYSERDA FlexTech Program.