DASNY Commissioning

The Dormitory Authority – State of York (DASNY) is a public benefit that finances, designs, constructs and rehabilitates higher education, health care, mental health, court and other public purpose facilities across New York State. Examples include: public and private college and university academic and residence halls, hospitals, primary care facilities, psychiatric centers, laboratories, medical research facilities, nursing homes, adult homes, art galleries, libraries, performing arts centers, schools, courts, housing for the homeless, and other facilities that provide services to New Yorkers.

C.J. Brown Energy has provided commissioning services for 15 new construction and major renovation projects at six locations and totaling over $125 million in construction costs since 2010 and completed under consecutive term contracts. In addition, the City University Construction Fund utilized DASNY’s commissioning contract qualification to procure commissioning services for the $58 million (MEP construction cost) Baruch College Lawrence and Eris Field Building Renovation project awarded to our firm.

Our commissioning services are provided to meet DASNY guidelines including DASNY’s Sustainability Policy, the Green Building Tax Credit, USGBC LEED Rating System, and NYC Local Law No. 86.