HUD Energy Performance Contract Consulting

C.J. Brown Energy was the major subconsultant on the project team for the Energy Performance Contract Business Support – Technical Assistance and Training contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The objective of the contract was to provide services to assist the HUD Office of Field Operations (OFO) Energy Center and the Field Offices in their oversight and monitoring responsibilities for energy performance contracts for public housing authorities (PHAs). Contract services helped ensure that the EPC packages coming into HUD are complete and accurate so the time lapse between submission and review can be minimized. Under the contract we provided services for 23 housing authorities throughout the country and totaling more than 45,000 dwelling units.

C.J. Brown Energy provided services for the following tasks:

  • TASK 1:  Review of Energy Services Agreements
  • TASK 2:  Quality Control Review of Annual Measurement & Verification Reports
  • TASK 3:  Review of Previously Approved Energy Performance Contracts
  • TASK 4:  EPC Business Support Technical Assistance
  • TASK 5: Technical Assistance to Small PHAs