Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital Combined Heat & Power Study

Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital is a 261-bed full service acute care teaching hospital. Constructed in 1974, the hospital has undergone major expansions with plant upgrades in 1994 and 2006, most recently a $64 million expansion adding more than 100,000 sf to the South end of the hospital. The current facility is approximately 413,000 sf. Originally built as an all-electric building, the various expansions and upgrades have included a number of energy and building automation upgrades. The electric heating system has now been replaced with systems based on natural gas.

The main purpose of C.J. Brown Energy’s study was to evaluate different options for reducing the facility’s electric demand to support hospital expansion while delaying upgrades to the utility electric service. Multiple on-site generation concepts were identified

as potential alternatives to the replacement of electric chillers with steam chillers. This study was commissioned to explore these concepts for economic viability. Additionally, the economics of non-electric chillers were evaluated using the same methodology.

A centrally located micro turbine-based CHP system was identified as having the desired qualities of compact footprint, high reliability and low maintenance costs. A total of nine configurations were evaluated in an hourly model to determine the overall efficiency of the CHP system, the change in building energy use and the overall change in utility costs.

The project was completed with cost-shared funding under the NYSERDA FlexTech Program.