Monroe County Civic Center Retrocommissioning

The MCCC is comprised of eight buildings totaling approximately 1.5 million sf. C.J. Brown Energy completed a retrocommissioning study of the complex as part of our comprehensive Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant project for the County. The primary focus of the study was on using O&M tune-up activities and diagnostic testing to optimize the building systems. An additional objective was to identify ways to reduce energy and demand costs. The identification of potential energy conservation measures (ECMs) was accomplished concurrent with the retrocommissioning scope of work.

Many of the systems serving the Civic Center were nearing the end of their useful life and replacement was considered. As such, the

decision process for which ECMs to implement did not necessarily follow those with the most attractive payback but instead followed the measures that had significant savings and addressed systems with the greatest need for replacement.

Three key measures from the retrocommissioning study that were selected for implementation were: Control Upgrades, HVAC Alterations/Heat Pump Replacement, and Window Replacement. C.J. Brown Energy provided design and construction administration services for the projects.