Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station Indoor Small Arms Range Commissioning

The Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station had a requirement for a modern firing range which would support the requirements of the Base wings, the units of the new Armed Forces Regional Readiness Center, and Department of Homeland Security tenants. The new $6.2 million, 28,000 sf building has 21 live firing lanes, training classrooms, a weapons cleaning room and office space for U.S. Air Force combat arms instructors. The firing range can simulate different environments, such as night firing, and supports year-round firearms training. 

C.J. Brown Energy provided construction phase commissioning services for the project, which was designed to meet current Anti Terrorism/Force Protection criterion and a USGBC Silver Rating. Design components included steel deflector plates, safety ceiling, target tracks and controls, overhead baffles, sound reflection reduction, and a range ventilation/exhaust system.