Odd Fellow & Rebekah RHCC Energy Performance Contract Consulting

Odd Fellow & Rebekah Rehabilitation & Health Care Center is a 122 bed skilled nursing facility that was originally constructed in 1973 with an addition in 1998. The floor areas are 60,000 and 22,000 sf respectively.

An initial facility walk-through by C.J. Brown Energy identified energy conservation opportunities that could be applied to an energy performance contract. Odd Fellow & Rebekah RHCC contacted NYSERDA to obtain assistance through the Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) Program to implement energy conservation measures on a performance contracting basis. C.J. Brown Energy was selected to provide EPC consulting services for the project.

The project cost was approximately $2 million. Measures that were implemented included:

  • Lighting retrofits
  • Ozone laundry system
  • Replace existing electric heating system with glycol system.\
  • Replace domestic hot water boilers
  • Install variable frequency drives on air handling units
  • Replace dishwasher electric booster heater with a gas unit.
  • Radiant ceiling panel conversion

We also provided construction management and M&V services for the project. In addition, we provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering design as subconsultant to the selected ESCO for implementation of the ECMs.