Oneida Health Care Center Energy Audit and CHP Study

C.J. Brown Energy performed an energy audit of the 101-bed acute care hospital and 160-bed skilled nursing facility to determine potential energy savings. The study encompassed interior and exterior lighting; heating, cooling and ventilation equipment; windows; domestic hot water system; air compressors; and process equipment. The project was completed with cost-shared funding under the NYSERDA FlexTech Program.

We also completed a preliminary feasibility assessment of a combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration system, to include:

  • Evaluation of energy use profiles to determine level of coincidence between electrical load and thermal load. This was accomplished by identifying and surveying potential thermal uses that could be satisfied by a CHP system (i.e. supplemental heating of domestic water, building heating, and thermal requirements for the laundry operation).
  • The CHP primary mover technology evaluated was a natural gas driven reciprocating engine and micro turbine technology. The size evaluated and recommended was dependent on the thermal needs and potential uses identified to optimize efficiency.
  • Develop a schematic diagram of the proposed systems including a floor plan of potential equipment locations.
  • Develop an economic analysis of proposed CHP system to include electrical, fuel, operation, and maintenance costs; budget install costs including permitting, interconnection and any electrical distribution charges; simple payback; and maintenance costs and requirements.