SUNY Global Center Retrocommissioning

The SUNY Global Center in midtown Manhattan is home to SUNY System’s New York City headquarters and is also an event space for educational and non-profit functions as well as corporate and private events.

In 2004, the SUNY Global Center (previously called the Neil D. Levin Graduate Institute of International Relations and Commerce) requested a retrocommissioning study of the buildings through the State University Construction Fund. The purpose of the project was to identify any significant concerns relative to the existing construction, MEP systems and indoor air quality prior to purchasing the property.

The Levin Institute completed purchase of the buildings after the study. In 2006, we provided commissioning services for the $7.5 million interior renovation under a term contract with the SUCF.

Since that time we have worked with SUNY Global Center to identify and correct a range of building system operating issues including retrocommissioning for balancing of the air and water systems related to a new DDC system, and deteriorating comfort conditions due to lack of chemical treatment for the hydronic system. Additionally, the central boiler plant was found to be in deteriorating condition. We were contracted to provide field work, energy engineering, mechanical and electrical design, bidding and CA services for the Central Boiler System Replacement project. The new design included two high efficiency sealed combustion boilers with a lead/lag boiler controller to maximize boiler plant efficiency.