Syracuse University Energy Studies

C.J. Brown Energy provided extensive energy engineering services at Syracuse University as part of a four-year energy performance contract project. Objectives were to reduce the University’s operating costs through energy efficiency measures, capital improvements to infrastructure and O&M improvements, and to support long-term planning. The project encompassed over 40 large buildings totaling over 6,000,000 sf. Facilities included academic and science buildings, laboratories, residence halls, dining halls, sports facilities, offices, maintenance facilities, and steam and chiller plants. Total energy savings over the term of this project are unknown but estimated in the millions.

Central plant and distribution issues were two key additional areas. C.J. Brown Energy completed a study of the central chilled water plant cooling economic performance. The objective was to identify the most cost effective way to expand the existing chiller plant considering various fuel costs, future chilled water loads, diversity of energy source, chiller technologies and efficiencies. We also completed a study to provide a preliminary review of potential options open to the University to obtain high-pressure steam from market sources and the University’s own facilities.