Syracuse University Life Sciences Complex Commissioning

The Life Sciences Complex is a six-story, 210,000 sf, $78 million facility that houses the biology, chemistry, and biochemistry departments under one roof, facilitating interdisciplinary research and education. The building is organized into two wings, forming an “L”-shaped configuration. The research wing houses biology research laboratories, lab support offices, conference rooms, and faculty offices. The teaching wing is home to biology and chemistry teaching labs, lecture halls, rooftop research greenhouses and growth-chamber facilities. An atrium and cafe connect the Life Sciences Complex to the Center for Science and Technology.

C.J. Brown Energy provided design through warranty phase commissioning, to meet the requirements of SU and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority New Construction Program incentives.

The facility received a High Performance Building award from NYSERDA in recognition for its energy-saving measures that make it one-third more efficient than a comparable standard building.