New York State Thruway Authority Energy Master Plan

The New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) is responsible for over 570 miles of highway and more than 480 buildings and structures. C.J. Brown Energy developed an Energy Master Plan to establish how much energy is being used at NYSTA facilities and to identify ways to reduce energy use through the implementation of energy conservation measures.

Our work included energy audits, cost benefit analyses, and identification of potential energy efficiency and conservation projects. The analyses included all Thruway Authority and Canal Corporation maintenance facilities, thruway service areas central systems, police stations, toll plazas, division complexes, wastewater treatment plants, canal facilities and highway lighting.

Fifty-two buildings, representing 11% of the building stock and spread across multiple electric utility company territories, were surveyed and analyzed for ways to reduce their energy use and cost. A set of energy conservation measure recommendations was developed, grouped by type and sorted based on payback period.

As part of the project, we developed a database listing the historic electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, kerosene and propane use and cost for each facility. The information was used to rank buildings based on their Energy Use Intensity, which facilitated the selection of buildings for on-site surveys. The database also enables NYSTA to track facility energy use and cost over time.

The project was completed with cost-shared funding under the NYSERDA FlexTech Program.