Rideout Memorial Hospital Retrocommissioning

Located in Marysville, CA, Rideout Memorial Hospital is a 175,000 sf hospital that consisted of a single three-wing building and a boiler/chiller plant. C.J. Brown Energy completed a retrocommissioning study and identification of energy conservation measures (ECMs) as a subconsultant to an ESCO in support of an energy performance contract. 

Our work included: review of the original contract documents to identify HVAC systems and equipment; review of energy bills and analysis of energy cost and consumption data; extensive on-site investigation of HVAC systems to identify and document modifications to the original installations, evaluate the physical condition, and determine the current sequences of operation, operating schedules, etc.; identify potential O&M improvements and opportunities for preventive maintenance and optimize system performance; and identify potential ECMs with associated calculations.

Retrocommissioning functional testing was performed that documented detailed equipment/unit information, physical condition, and operational issues and deficiencies. Sketches of equipment configurations were developed as needed to clarify system observations.