Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Integrated Mobility Hub Energy Modeling

The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is undergoing an immense increase in employees, students and visitors due to several major building projects. This projected growth led to the medical campus developing the Green Commons which provides additional transit options for employees and nearby residential neighborhoods. 

The existing building at 927 Washington Street is planned to house the Integrated Mobility Hub, also known as the Go Zone. The project also involves construction of the “Bike Hub” addition that will include 24/7 secure access to indoor bicycle parking, lockers, changing rooms, showers, and a bike repair workstation. The renovation and addition will use low-impact construction principles such on-site storm water management, utilizing renewable energy source, and incorporating building energy conservation measures.

C.J. Brown Energy was contracted by NYSERDA under the Cleaner, Greener Communities Program to complete an evaluation of energy efficiency opportunities for the new construction and renovation of the Mobility Hub element. The project’s goal is to achieve 40% or more deep energy savings for the proposed design energy model over the baseline energy model when compared to current Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State. The results of the evaluation indicated that the project had succeeded in achieving the 40% or more reduction of energy.  

The architectural, MEP and site plan progress drawings are complete but the project has not been constructed.